has been produced by the families, clinicians and researchers of the Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties (SuCCEED) Study.

Our vision is a world where children with feeding difficulties thrive.

Our mission is to help families celebrate and embrace mealtimes, however they choose to feed.

As the only evidence-based online resource by parents, for families of kids with complex feeding difficulties in Australia, this is the table where everyone is welcome.

The SuCCEED Study and are working for change, so that every family knows the simple joy of sharing a meal, and every child thrives.

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SUCCEED were incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to collaborate with UTS student group the NEU Collective. NEU Collective developed a brand toolkit for SUCCEED, including these three remarkable videos. Please watch and share!

If you’ve never seen a child being fed with a tube, that might be because families find it so hard to get out and about and end up staying at home, alone. This is precisely what we want to address.

We’ve listened to families and now we need your help to give children who tube-feed their play time back. Visit our fundraising page below to learn more about our plan, who it is for, and why it will work:

Do something amazing… today!

Please share this page, share your story or even donate what you can happily afford. Anything you can do has a huge impact for children who tube-feed, and their families.

We want to help children who tube-feed and their families experience the joy of mealtimes, play, physical activities, and celebrations with others.

We want families, friends and relatives of these children to feel comfortable and confident including children who tube-feed in everyday life.

By facilitating the education of family relatives, friendship groups, play groups and the wider community using these resources, the lives of these children, their siblings and parents will be greatly improved.

Can you help us raise $10,000 to help children who tube feed play, laugh and participate in our community just like any other child?

With the generous support of University of Technology Sydney we are raising money to create the first Australian research-informed public awareness campaign for children who tube-feed.

Who will benefit?

Parents have expressed through research they are frustrated and saddened to see their child excluded, and this often translates into their own social isolation as they lose connection with others.
Siblings are often also impacted by default, when their brother or sister is not able to join in social activities.

Children who tube-feed will directly benefit as they will be less excluded from play, shared mealtimes and celebrations with others – and in turn will benefit from all the developmental, social and emotional value these activities offer.

Impact of project

We aim to change the quality of life of young children who need to use a feeding tube. We want them to be able to experience the joy of mealtimes, play, physical activities and celebrations with others.

Tube feeding is more common than many people think and can be needed for many reasons including low birth weight, insufficient weight gain, childhood cancer, autistic spectrum disorder, genetic disorders, recovery from surgery and so on.

Much like children who consume food orally, children who tube-feed also enjoy playing with friends, sharing mealtimes and participating in physical activities. These are just as important for their development and emotional wellbeing. Unfortunately, too many children with feeding difficulties are excluded from these joys and miss out on the benefits they offer.

Outcomes of the project

Because tube feeding has so many different causes, it often falls through the cracks of existing health and charitable organisations.

We have undertaken research with families of children who tube-feed, and parents have consistently relayed the same message: that they have to constantly educate the people around them, that they find this difficult, but that it can make a huge difference to their children’s inclusion in play.

Wider research suggests exclusion is a result of stigma associated with a lack of understanding, and being afraid of what might happen to the child. Educating people on how to include children who tube-feed is likely to be impactful, as it is doubtful that they believe these children don’t deserve to be included.

How you can help

We imagine a world where a feeding tube isn’t a barrier to joining in meals, playing with friends, or celebrating with family and the wider community. We need your help to give playtime back to these children!

Visit our page today to learn more – and please, next time you sit down to eat a meal, please share our message!

The SuCCEED Tube Feeding Picnic is a time to come together as a community of people touched by tube feeding a child – family, friends, clinicians and researchers.

This year the picnic has been postponed due to COVID-19, but that’s no reason to feel alone. We are all in this together.

Watch and share this video with your family and friends. See our amazing families here playing, laughing, getting on with their days and bringing the joy back to mealtimes, no matter how they choose to feed.

Learn more at

We are very sorry to announce that the Tube Feeding Picnic 2020 has been POSTPONED due to COVID-19. It would not be safe or fun to bring everyone together and share a meal at this time.

We will DEFINITELY re-schedule! You can sign up for updates via our newsletter here.

Join us ONLINE instead!

Instead of meeting in person, we’d love to release a video of everyone bringing the joy back to mealtimes that we can all can watch at home on March 22nd.

Please send us a short video, photo or your best tip for joyous family mealtimes with a tube-fed child and if we receive enough we’ll make a fun, inspiring video to share on the day.

You can EMAIL us photos and tips, or UPLOAD videos securely to our Dropbox (no login required).

You can be anonymous or acknowledged by name (or nickname) at the end of the video.

Please thank our amazing volunteers

We had some great entertainment volunteering at the picnic and not only have some spent money booking transport and accommodation, they have also given up the chance to earn an income at smaller events.

Please take a second to send some love and thanks to these amazing people:

Watch highlights from our FIRST picnic in 2019!

This is a time of significant uncertainty.

A group of paediatricians an allied health professionals has collected some useful resources around COVID-19 for you and your children.

Please visit Paediatrics.Online to read more.

We did it!

Thank you to every one of the approximately 100 people who turned up to our first ever picnic. The sun was shining, music played and we came together as a community around the incredible children and families who are at the heart of the SuCCEED Study.

Channel 7 News even did a story on the SuCCEED Study, including footage from the picnic and starring the incredible Bernard family. Click here to watch the extended online version and please share it widely!

A huge and special thank you to all our volunteer clinicians, entertainers, and photographers for making this such a special day. We could not have done this without you.

This picnic was another important step towards improving the lives of children with complex feeding difficulties. If you would like to give us feedback on the day, share your story, help us with our research or apply to join the research team please click here to contact us.

If you had professional photos with Kat Cvet please give her a few weeks to send out the link to them. We will update with video and photos from the picnic once we have edited them all.

The message from the picnic was “you are not alone”. We look forward to walking the next steps, together.

the SuCCEED Study team

These were our picnic details. See you next year!

The FIRST EVER SuCCEED Tube Feeding Picnic 2019 was held at Hill Pavilion, Sydney Olympic Park on Sunday 31st March 2019 from 10am – 2pm.

There was child and tube-friendly entertainment generously donated by some wonderful performers:

Come join us in 2020 – details here!

Watch our brand new trailer!

Watch our brand new trailer! We have Australian-first videos about tube feeding launching in mid-2019.

Visit our News page to stay up to date, or read the full Real Stories here

“What’s in My Bag”?

Watch Irene as she talks through what she takes out in order to tube feed her son, Connor.

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The Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties (SuCCEED) study group have been hard at work over the Summer.

We’re delighted to report that preliminary data collection for two of our four study goals is now complete:

1. Tube Education

Nine amazing families have been interviewed for our tube education element.  Under the supervision of A/Prof Nick Hopwood from the University of Technology Sydney, we’re having the interviews transcribed and then we will start working to make an education package right here on that matches what these families asked for.

Once we’ve made the package, we’ll be inviting families to review and comment on it to make sure it’s exactly right.

2. Brilliant Care in Feeding Clinics

The incredible staff and patients of Liverpool Hospital, Sydney, have finished the main data collection during clinic time.  Under the supervision of Senior Lecturer Ann Dadich from Western Sydney University they are now finalising the reflexive feedback, which will help us start to understand what makes brilliant care in tertiary feeding clinics.

Other News

The remaining two elements of SuCCEED – identifying models of care and piloting measures of distress in parents and carers – are well underway and on track to be in their final stages by July 2018.

We have the first meeting of our Parent Advisory Group coming up in April, which the study group are very excited about.

Finally, we are in the very early planning stages for Year 2 of SuCCEED.  We will be applying for funds to launch a huge new initiative, based on early research findings from our focus groups.  Stay tuned for more SuCCEED news here!

– Dr Chris Elliot, Paediatrician and Chief Investigator SuCCEED Study