स्वागत छ

Welcome to the Nepali language section of our website! We spoke to members of the Nepalese community living in Australia about their experiences relating to feeding young children. These pages share their views, challenges and suggestions.

Our aim always is to help make feeding ‘ सफल खाना ‘ – for us this means that children eat well, enjoy mealtimes, and that parents feel confident and comfortable with their child’s nutrition and with what happens at mealtimes.

Top-level links

Different cultural expectations and traditions (Nepal & Australia)

Challenges for the Nepalese community in Australia [might be nice to highlight the sub-parts of this one in particular, or maybe for all of them somehow!]

Challenges we share with families from all cultures

For families with feeding difficulties and tube-feeding

Real stories from Nepalese families living in Australia

Videos and resources

Maybe some images here on the home page – Nepalese faces and foods (happy children, perhaps messy!)