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This page lists the current SUCCEED research activities you may be able to participate in.

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What Makes Feeding Care Brilliant – Children and Siblings 2021?

Who can participate?
CHILDREN who are, or have ever been, tube-fed OR their SIBLINGS. To participate children must be aged 5-18 years old.

What is the study about?
This project aims to clarifying how to promote brilliant feeding care for children who are tube-fed, or who are affected by tube-feeding, like their siblings.

Lessons learned from this project will inform the development of programs, activities, and campaigns that aim to improve feeding care for children who are tube-fed and those affected by tube-feeding, like their siblings.

We want to learn from you to understand what makes feeding care BRILLIANT! Learning more about the best and brilliant aspects of feeding care means we can share those lessons widely. We think it can be even more effective to spread brilliant care than only to focus on the issues or problems with tube-feeding care.

What does participating involve?
You are invited to participate in a confidential interview (approximately 30 to 45 minutes) in person, via telephone, or via web-conference and/or complete a brief survey to understand your experiences, your perceptions, and what you think makes feeding care BRILLIANT!

Research Ethics Approval
Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee – approval number: H14300

To learn more, please contact:
Kaitlyn Hockey via email

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For more information about the SuCCEED Study, please see the video below or click here.