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A set of audio, video and written resources that you can explore for yourself, talk about with your family or friends, or even mention to a health professional.


Real Stories

These tell you what to expect as a parent of a tube-fed child, offer tips and tricks to make everyday life easier, tell you things other parents in a similar situation wish they had known from the start, and stories of real families



We also provide an opportunity for you to share your story with us, helping other parents going through similar experiences, and helping us make this site better.



We don’t provide clinical advice, but there is lots more to thriving while tube-feeding than what doctors and others tell you!

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Who We Are

We are the Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties (SuCCEED) Study Group.
A community of families, health professionals and academics who are passionate about supporting parents of children with feeding difficulties.

So that every family knows the simple joy of sharing a meal, and every child thrives.

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