Your Story

We want this website to reflect a wide range of parents’ experiences. We think every family’s experience matters, and that having an opportunity to share your story is important.

We also want to know what you think of this website, and what has been most useful to you.

You could share your experience and help us improve this website by doing any of the following.

  1. Giving us feedback on the website
    1. What did you find useful, helpful or reassuring? We would love to publish testimonials that show what difference the site is making to families
    2. What would make the site better? We will keep a record of suggestions for improvements, and do our best to take them into account
  2. Sharing your own story.

    Each tube-feeding story has a different beginning, middle and end. Send up something that we can add to our ‘real stories’ section. It can be long or short, or just an email to say you are interested, and we can help you from there.

  3. Sending us little bits we can add to our existing sections

    For example: what Tips and Tricks have you learned? How do you get the balance right? What else might other parents in similar situations expect?

We can’t promise to publish everything we receive, but we do promise to read it all and give it careful thought.

We will always check back with you before we publish anything, and you can choose if we use your name or make up a fake one instead.

Just email us with what you have to share, and we will do the rest!

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