SuCCEED Study Group

We are a group of health professionals, families and academics who are passionate about supporting parents of children with feeding difficulties. has been created by the Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties (SuCCEED) Study Group.  SuCCEED is a unique collaboration between researchers, families and clinicians who are passionate about helping children with feeding difficulties and their families.

We’re incredibly grateful to all the people working on and supporting this study, many of whom do so in their personal time out of work hours or during busy days.

Funding from Sydney Partnership for Health Education, Research and Enterprise (SPHERE) via the ‘Early Life Determinants of Health’ Clinical Academic Stream to enable this study is gratefully acknowledged.

The core team for

The SuCCEED Parent Advisory body, and all the families who generously shared their stories

Dr Chris Elliot, Paediatrician and SuCCEED Co-ordinator, St George Hospital.
Contact Dr Elliot about SuCCEED or

Associate Professor Nick Hopwood, University of Technology Sydney

Khadeejah “Kady” Moraby, Senior Speech Pathologist Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network Randwick

Associate Professor Ann Dadich, Western Sydney University

Our partners include:

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District

South Western Sydney Local Health District

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

University of New South Wales

University of Technology Sydney

Western Sydney University

Ingham Institute



We gratefully acknowledge:

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