Professionals has been created by the SUCCEED Study Group.

SUCCEED is a diverse team of health professionals, families and academics, brought together to champion a never been seen before approach centered around world-first research.

Our mission is to use action-oriented research with a focus on undiscovered brilliance to help set a new agenda for complex feeding difficulties, one focusing on prevention, treatment and support.

As the only dedicated research collective working in this space, we move quickly and with purpose.

We embrace new ways of thinking and doing – because if you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve got.

We have several research projects currently underway. To learn more about SUCCEED please visit the links below or contact us:

SUCCEED and Collaborating with Clinicians – Wiley Research Webinar Series – November 2020

SUCCEED was given the opportunity to talk about research collaborations with clinicians and how we came to be where we are today.

SUCCEED on Channel 7 News – 2019

SUCCEED was featured on Channel 7 News nationally.
Click here to watch the extended 3-minute story!

SUCCEED’s Interview for Maridulu Budyari Gumul ( SPHERE) – 2019

Supporting Children with Complex Feeding Difficulties (SuCCEED) is a group that’s been set up to support families of children with a broad range of feeding difficulties.

Research conducted by SuCCEED’s tube feeding pilot project found that there is no formal support for these families, little research on the subject, and care varies widely.

It’s for this very reason that SuCCEED’s Dr Chris Elliot says, “we want to change the world for these families. It’s our mission to improve the lives of children with complex feeding difficulties.”
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SUCCEED’s presentation at the International SPHERE Symposium – 2019