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1.2 Our aim is to help make feeding joyful

For us, this means that children eat well, enjoy mealtimes, and that parents feel confident and comfortable with their child’s nutrition and with what happens at mealtimes.

Welcome to the Khushi Meals site!

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1.1 Welcome to the Nepali language section of our website! We spoke to members of the Nepalese community living in Australia about their experiences relating to feeding young children. These pages share their views, challenges and suggestions.

Welcome to the Khushi Meals site!

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Welcome to the Khushi Meals site!

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3.51 “The main thing most Nepali parents say: ‘My child is not eating rice’.
That’s it like that’s the end of the world”.


3.30 “Soft curries or rice-based dishes are quite soft and can be made quite moist, easy to feed. These foods then progress to other textures. Sometimes what we call hard mash should also be offered like, carrot sticks, pieces of apples.

When those harder textures aren’t offered then that affects the development of the muscles that we use to chew and express language. So, that’s one of the disadvantages of offering only very soft consistencies over a long period of time.”

Speech Pathologist

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