Becoming a Tube Friendly Venue

What does Tube Friendly mean?

There are LOTS of ways to become a Tube Friendly Venue.

Here are some simple ways we suggest:

  1. Contact us for a sticker pack
    Put a “Tube Friendly” sticker on your front door or window and let people know you’re a friendly place! We will send you one for free when we have them ready. Just drop us a line below.

  2. Put up a poster
    If you have space on your wall, let us know and we’ll send you a poster so people know where to find more information

  3. Drop a QR code on your table
    Have a cafe or somewhere where people sit and eat? Contact us below and we’ll send you some laminated QR codes. People can find out more about tube feeding while they have a meal.

Looking for something more involved? We’ve got you:

  1. Make some space
    Tube feeding, especially younger kids, takes up a lot of space.
    Find a place in your venue – perhaps a larger table or a nice quiet corner – where we can set up a tube feed without getting bumped or making us worry about bothering other people.
    Ideally there would be a nice place to park a pram or a wheelchair there too.

  2. Speak with your staff
    Tell your staff about tube feeding, or send them to our website.
    Even something as simple as a friendly “Hello, nice tube!” makes all the difference.

    If your staff are asked a question about tube feeding it’s always ok for them to say “I’m sorry I don’t know about that, we’re just glad you’re here!”

    They might suggest people visit if they have more questions

  3. Help us fundraise
    SUCCEED relies entirely on donations. If you have any ideas to help us fundraise, please get in touch.

We would LOVE to hear from you

We are preparing Tube Friendly packs right now and will send them out to you free of charge when they are ready.
You can apply on behalf of your favourite local venue (make sure they agree first!) or ask a the owner to come to this page and fill in their details.


Head back to for more information!