Be Not Afraid of My Body

Thank you for visiting to explore more about the ‘Be Not Afraid of My Body’ exhibition and the SUCCEED Child Feeding Alliance.

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From a young age society conditions us to hide our weaknesses or our differences. It is often done as a form of self-protection. We fear rejection. We fear the unknown.

But it is through sharing these experiences and these differences that we find strength, community and a sense of well being.

Kate Disher-quill, photographer

The SUCCEED Child Feeding Alliance is a not for profit group of families, clinicians, researchers and artists.

We aim to ensure that children with feeding difficulties, especially those who tube-feed, have every opportunity to thrive at home, in the community and wherever they may go.

This website,, has been developed by families, for families of children who tube feed.

Please share the images from this exhibition, read more about the stories behind them, learn more about tube feeding, or contact us at any time if you have your own story or feedback to share. We would love to hear from you.

These short animations, developed by students at University of Technology Sydney for SUCCEED, help articulate the ways in which tube feeding does NOT impact on a child’s life. If you like them, please share them : )

My Tube, My Play

My Tube, My Family

My Tube, My Freedom