World First Pilot of the SUCCEED Tube Training Course

Late July 2023 saw the world-first pilot of our Tube Training Course.

Parents have been telling SUCCEED for years about how much pressure there is on the (often) one adult in a family who knows how to tube-feed their child.

In 2018 two of the parent co-founders of SUCCEED presented an idea to source some training mannequins and set up a short course to teach more adults how to tube feed.

Mothers, Fathers, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents, nannies, childcare workers – anyone.

After years of fundraising and the generous support of Adam Rouilly and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation as well as dozens of carers, clinicians and a research team led by Prof. Nick Hopwood, we were delighted and emotional to pilot this course.

The goal is to make a 2-hour hands-on workshop in tube feeding accessible to families around the country and the world, backed up by innovative, free online resources to make the leap into tube feeding as easy as possible.

While this course won’t be finished until 2024, we are working on the online videos and information right now – so please come back soon and check on our progress!

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